Victoria Sourdough - Victoria, BC, Canada

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Infant starter, created about one month ago, 100% hydration, and fed on a daily basis with 1/3 organic rye, 1/3 organic whole wheat, and 1/3 organic white flour. I try to feed with locally grown and milled organic flours when ever possible as well. Although I have only been baking with it for about 2 weeks, I have had great success with this starter so far. I made it myself about a month ago to pursue an interest in bread baking, and more specifically an interest in artisan bread making using natural, wild yeast levains. It has been a great experience so far! I would love to give a bit of my starter to anyone who is interested, and I would also be very keen to do a trade with someone who has their own culture and would like to swap a bit of their's for some of mine.
Contact me any time (preferably by email) and we can work something out!